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"We strive to ensure that all members of our community feel emotionally and physically safe"
Executive Headteachers Update, January 2019
  • Dear all. I sincerely hope you enjoyed the Christmas holiday period and were able to spend some quality time with loved ones.
  • Some great news! The Department for Education and the Regional Schools Commissioner has granted The Beckmead Family of Schools a Multi Academy Trust Order to become the founding member of The Beckmead Trust. I have previously mentioned that this will afford us the opportunity to apply to open Free Schools, sponsor schools that need support and welcome into our Trust schools that share our values and ambitions for children.
  • A team from Beckmead School attended interviews in East Sussex and Essex as part of an application process to open Free Schools in those areas in 2020. I am thrilled to announce that Beckmead has been awarded sponsorship of the Free School in Essex.
  • This school will be opened in Chelmsford in September 2020 and will have 65 places for boys and girls identified as having ‘Social Emotional and Mental Health Issues’. The children will be aged between 7 and 16 years old and the new school will be offering 15 boarding places. This represents a new opportunity for Beckmead to be able to offer residential education and learn from children who will be in our care around the clock.
  • We remain hopeful that East Sussex will award us the sponsorship of the proposed SEMH school in Hailsham and we anticipate hearing this outcome at the end of January.
  • Our new Beck provision is located within a suite of rooms at Forest Academy which is just up the road from the Monks Orchard site. The building works have been completed to a very high standard and we are looking forward to welcoming our first pupils there by the end of January.
  • Our friends and colleagues from the Springboard provision which makes up part of the Saffron Valley Federation have relocated over the Christmas period which means that our Bramley Bank provision will be able to offer a further 6 places as they can now use all of the site.
  • Our website is receiving another update and will soon include our excellent academic results for the year 2017 – 2018. We are all very proud of the way our pupils apply themselves to their learning; their achievements are the fundamental reason as to why we are being offered opportunities to expand Beckmead into other areas of the country.
  • So a time of change and opportunity for Beckmead and all members of its community. I understand that change can bring about uncertainty and worry and to address any concerns Croydon, our Governors and myself will be conducting a formal consultation about the MAT conversion process and what it means for all of us. Please be assured that the Beckmead we all know will continue ‘business as usual’ and any expansion considered by our Trustees and Governors will not weaken our core provision which is the Beckmead Family of Schools.

Wishing you every happiness for 2019