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Governing Body Structure

  • 9 governor places
  • Headteacher 1
  • Staff 1
  • Appointed by Croydon Local Authority 1
  • Elected parents of pupils attending the school 2
  • Co-opted 4

Our Governing Body

Governor Description
Paul Greenhalgh Co-opted
Chair of Pupil Care Committee
Linda Wright Co-opted
Barbara Alcaraz Co-opted
Jonty Clark OBE Executive Head Teacher
Pat Holland Local Authority Chair of Learning
Teaching and Standards committee
Deenisha James Staff
Suzanne Church Parent
Lauren Crawford Parent
Simon Hooberman Clerk

Committee Structure

Committee Chair
Learning, Teaching & Standards (LTS) Committee Pat Holland
Pupil Care Committee Paul Greenhalgh
Pay Committee Pat Holland

The Board of Governors meets six times per year with additional meetings called if necessary.

The Board operates with a structure of three main Committees, the Business Strategy Committee which meets six times per year, and the Learning, Teaching and Standards Committee and Pupil Care Committee which each meet three times per year. Additional meetings of each of these committees may also be called if necessary.

The Board is also required to have a number of other committees that meet at specific points in the year. These include the Pay Committee which makes decisions on staff pay on the basis of the school’s Pay Policy and on the recommendations arising from annual appraisal, and the Executive Headteacher’s Performance Review Committee which carries out the Executive Headteacher’s annual appraisal and reviews progress against targets termly.

In addition, the Board is required to have committees set up when it needs to consider pupil exclusions, parental complaints, staff grievances or disciplinary issues, or any other similar matter. These committees meet as and when required, with three governors to be drawn from a pool of all eligible members of the Board, subject to availability and lack of conflicts of interest, and ensuring as far as possible that the membership of such committee includes a reasonable cross section of the Board’s membership.

Associate Members are not Governors, but may sit on one of the Committees of the Governing Body, and/or the full Governing Body, usually because they have specific skills. They can be appointed for between one and four years. Our Associate Members currently do not have any voting rights.