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The Bramley Bank is a short stay provision for primary pupils who have experienced difficulties managing their behaviour in mainstream school. The Bramley Bank operates using a staged approach working with schools and families to support an inclusive approach for pupils. Our aim is to work with the key figures that support the child to build a clear picture of where they have challenges, training school staff and empowering families to implement strategies to support the prevention of, and/or manage, any future episodes of challenging behaviour.

Where possible we will endeavour to maintain pupils in their mainstream school with outreach from our behaviour support team. The behaviour support team will work with the school staff, families and pupils to input strategies that may help the pupil to overcome the difficulties in their mainstream school.

Some pupils may need additional support to manage their behaviour; this may require a fixed term period outside of the mainstream setting. The Bramley Bank offer part-time and full time placements available for those who may need this interim support. Pupils who join our classes, known as Gateway classes, will have a transition pathway identified very soon after joining. Pathways can include, a return to their mainstream primary of origin, reintegration to a new mainstream school for a fresh start or, in some cases pupils who have been assessed with an Education Health and Care Plan, may be considered for a special school place if appropriate.

The Bramley Bank Key Stage 1 provision, Rainbow Class, is located on the site of Aerodrome Primary Academy in Waddon. Pupils in Rainbow class will have the opportunity to have play times and lunch breaks with the mainstream school supporting the younger pupils to remain socially integrated with other mainstream pupils in their year groups.

The Bramley Bank Key Stage 2 provision is housed in a purpose built building located in Sanderstead. Pupils from years 3-6 may have fixed term placements between 6 – 12 weeks, during this time we will get to know the children and build an individual behaviour support plan (IBSP). The Individual Behaviour Support Plan will describe and share the best ways to support the pupil in the next stage of their transition, be it at mainstream or specialist school.

Deenisha James
Team Leader Bramley Bank and Behaviour Support Service