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SEN Statement – Support for your child at the Beckmead Family of Schools

What sort of school are we?
The schools specialise in meeting the needs of pupils with emotional, social and behavioural difficulties and social communication difficulties, including children on the autistic spectrum. Pupils at Beckmead and Chaffinch Brook have received statements of SEN or Education Health and Care Plans (EHCP). Most pupils start at Bramley Bank without SEN statements or EHCPs. They have been identified as having additional needs through their schools and are referred through the Primary Fair Access Panel. The CLT at Alverston Gardens is a Key Stage 4 provision and includes SEN pupils and pupils out of education, where referrals come through the Secondary Fair Access Panel.

Parent And Pupil Voice
The Beckmead Family of Schools values the support and feedback from all our stakeholders. We have active schools councils and promote positive pupil voice activities throughout the year. Parents may wish to join our Governing Body and we ask you to give us feedback through ‘Parent View.’

How We Support Your Child
Across the family of schools we have a range of specialist expertise in the area of social, emotional and behavioural needs and social communication difficulties. The school operates in as empathic a manner as possible to take account of these varied special needs. The informal approach of the staff, the teaching, curriculum and environment are all aimed at maximizing the inclusion of all pupils.

Most of the pupils are educated in small groups of 6 with a teacher and 2 teaching assistants supporting them. Some pupils may receive one to one teaching as appropriate. Targeted interventions for literacy are provided for pupils where appropriate. At Chaffinch Brook we have a sensory room and all pupils are able to access therapeutic interventions where appropriate which includes music and drama therapy.

Monitoring Your Child’s Progress
All pupils at the Beckmead Family of Schools have an IEP (Individual Education Plan) which is reviewed every term. The IEP has targets which are agreed with the child. The whole school population is actively encouraged to ’own’ and act upon the objectives and targets in the IEPs.

Pupil progress is monitored and evaluated half termly. Pupils with statements of SEN or EHCP have an annual review of their SEN statement/EHCP with a report and meeting. Parents meetings are held every term and written reports provided to parents.

Our Staff

We have highly experienced teams of staff in each of our schools who may be involved in supporting your child. These include:

  • Your child’s teacher, who will always make sure that tasks set are appropriate and accessible for your child. They are available to you at the start and end of each day in person or by phone.
  • Teaching Assistants, who support all pupils in class.
  • Our resident therapist who works with children in addressing their particular emotional difficulty.
  • At Chaffinch Brook our Speech and language therapist or Occupational therapist can advise whether your child would benefit from this support and assessment.

Our school’s Educational Psychologist may give advice or complete more detailed assessments on identified pupils.

To ensure our staff have the skills and knowledge to support all children appropriately there is a programme of ongoing training both in school and elsewhere. Recent training has included: the Big Write; Price Training for physical intervention.

Working In Partnership With Other Services To Support Your Child

Partnership working is an important element of the support provided to your child and family. All our schools work closely with a number of agencies from education, health and social care. These include the Education Welfare Service, Speech and Language and Family Resilience.

If you want advice from professionals outside of the schools you may find the following numbers useful:

  • Parent Partnership (Family Lives) 020 3131 3150
  • Borough of Croydon SEN Team 020 8604 7263
  • Borough of Croydon SEN Transport 020 8686 2215
  • Borough of Croydon Contact Centre 020 8726 6400
  • Borough of Croydon Learning Access Team 020 8726 7427
  • National Autistic Society 020 7833 2299
  • ADHD Support 020 8952 2800

The SENCO role is carried out by the Head of School at each site:

  • Beckmead Lower School - Dean Monfries 020 8777 9311
  • Beckmead Upper School - Mike Nelson 020 8777 9311
  • CLT, Alverston Gardens - Andre Genas 020 8768 5501
  • Chaffinch Brook - Judith Azzopardi 020 8325 4612
  • Bramley Bank - Deenisha James 020 8686 0393