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Reviewed July 2016
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This policy has been drawn up to conform to the charging arrangements for maintained schools as set out in the Education Act 1996, section 449-462. The Governing Body recognises that the act prohibits charges for school activities which take place within school hours and/or are part of the school curriculum. School hours are those hours when the school is actually in session and do not include the break in the middle of the day. The policy emphasises that that there is no statutory requirement to charge for any form of education or related activity, but does give the school the right to ask for voluntary contributions in support of activities organised by the school during normal school hours.

1. School admissions
No charges are permitted for admission to the school. Where the school is oversubscribed the criteria for deciding which pupils to admit must not be based in any way on a parent’s willingness or ability to make a contribution.

2. Educational activities taking place during school hours
Education provided during school hours will be free of charge. No charge will be made for books, materials or equipment deemed necessary to meet the requirements of the school curriculum.

The school organises swimming lessons for the pupils. These take place in school time and the school does not levy a charge to parents.

Voluntary contributions may be requested to enable the school to run extra activities, including visits, which are educationally desirable. The school will make it clear in its communication to parents that these contributions are voluntary, and that no student will be treated differently according to whether or not the parent/carer has contributed. If insufficient funds are received to cover the cost of the activity, it may be cancelled.

3. Educational activities taking place outside school hours
There are currently no optional organised educational activities taking place outside normal school hours. Where this does happen it is not expected that a charge would normally be made.
In the event that the Executive Head Teacher decides that costs for activities outside school hours need to be passed on to the pupil these charges wil solely represent the true cost to the school of providing those activities.

4. School uniform
Pupils are given a book bag and a PE bag when they start at Beckmead. Sweatshirts and polo shirts are available for sale from the school office at cost price. Adult sizes attract an additional cost due to VAT.

5. Entry for public examinations
No charge will be made for a student’s first entry to a prescribed public examination for which the student has been prepared at the school.
A charge will, however, be made for:-

  • Re-sit examinations;
  • Re-marks and clerical checks requested by students;
  • Requests for scripts;
  • Where the student fails without good reason (in the judgement of the Governing Body) to meet the requirement of any public examination, e.g. by non-attendance, and where the school originally paid the entry fee;

6. Loss or damage to school property
Loss of, damage to or breakage of school property, e.g. books, windows, furniture, scientific equipment etc. may be charged for if caused by negligence or deliberate act. The charge will be the cost of replacement or repair, or such lower cost as the Executive Head Teacher may decide.
Similarly a charge may be levied in respect of wilful damage, neglect or loss of property belonging to a third party, where the cost has been recharged to the School.

7. Transport
No charge is to be made for any transport arranged by the local authority or the school in connection with any educational activity which takes place wholly or mainly in school hours. Pupils who choose to use alternative transport will be expected to pay for it. Parents should be expected to meet the cost of travel from the pupil’s home to activities sanctioned but not arranged by the School. For example, parents should be asked to pay for the travel costs of pupils engaged in work experience. Where parents have difficulty in meeting such a cost, a subsidy may be provided by the School.

8. Other charges
The School may levy a charge for miscellaneous services up to the cost of providing such services, e.g. for providing a copy of an Ofsted Report.

9. Remission of charges
Parents/carers may apply to the school for remission of charges in whole or part towards the charges for activities or for a grant towards the purchase of uniform items.
To qualify for help, parents/carers must contact the Executive Head Teacher and if requested provide proof of their income or benefit.

10. Professional Services
The School may charge a fee for professional services provided to outside parties by any member of staff. Such professional fees may be levied for advice, consultancy services and any materials provided.

‘Out of pocket’ expenses, such as travelling costs, materials provided etc will be charged for at cost.

The charging of fees must be agreed with the Executive Headteacher or Chair of Governors in advance of time being expended and must be supported by a signed fee agreement (example attached).

Whilst fees are not prescribed in advance,typical fee bases will be:
A ‘one off’ project fee – Commensurate with equivalent education consultants. For guidance purposes this would be expected to be in the range of £350 to £800 per day, depending on the member of staff involved. In addition a charge will be made for travel costs expended and reasonable subsistence. As the Family of Schools is registered for VAT purposes, there will be VAT added.

Fees charged must be supported by a fee invoice issued within 7 school working days of the service being provided.

Fees are required to be paid within 21 school working days of the date of the fee invoice otherwise the school reserves the right to invoke the Beckmead Debt Management Policy for recovery.